Stacie Johnson


Faux Glow to Go was started on a dream and a love for spray tans. 

Growing up and still to this day, I fry in the sun but I'm always chasing after that golden tan. I did the whole tanning bed thing for YEARS, and wow....I look back at some of those pictures from college and if only I could go back and shake myself!  Way too tan/red...Who knows what kind of damage I did.  I eventually switched to spray tans and would go to my local salon every Thursday to ensure that I would have a sweet tan for the weekend. I always thought in the back of my mind that it would be an awesome business venture to do mobile spray tanning.  

My first idea, just out of college, was to do mobile spray tanning and call it the "Traveling Tanner." But it always made me think of that show based in San Fran with the super clean dad... I dropped the idea for a few years but never let it go completely out of my mind.  Now here we are, a few years later, with Faux Glow to Go!  My motto for Faux Glow to Go is basic, and it's "convenience."  Life is busy and sometimes there just are not enough minutes in the day to make it to the salon.  Faux Glow to Go can stop in and tan you up in less than 15 minutes and the best part is that you get to stay home! 

I bring all of the equipment to you: portable spray tan machine, solution, spray tan tent, and spray tan accessories. All you could ever need to get that gorgeous bronze color all in the comfort of your own home!

To ensure a beautiful tan for my clients, I've been certified through the Spray Tan Class. Through this training I've obtained knowledge and skills on spray tan applications, solutions, and equipment. There are so many aspects that go into achieving a perfect tan, so I am here to guide you! I'm basically obsessed with all things related to spray tans, so I attempt to learn and read everything I can.

It's fun :)